Hi! I'm Hannah.

Thanks for stopping by to get to know me. I am truly honored! I love getting to know people - like truly getting to know others. I want to know your heart. And so does the Father.

Getting to know the heart of the Father has been a wild and transformational journey. It has taken me from religion to relationship; brokenness to healing; misplaced + falsely curated identity to embracing the most radical label I have: "Child of God."

And the same is true for you.

When we grasp this, everything changes. I love sharing the truths in God's Word in a way that makes them applicable for everyday life because implementing the gospel in this way has enabled me to walk in freedom from nightmares that held me captive for far too long. It has radically changed my life.

And it can change yours as well. 

All we need to do for lasting change to take place is to join hands with Jesus and follow where He leads. Nothing is ever wasted in His hands - everything is purposeful and redeemable. Living from the overflow of His great love has wildly transformed my life, and I believe the same is possible for you.

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For His Kingdom, 

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