Prayer Journal Outcomes

I pray that, through this prayer journal...

You grasp the power of prayer.

Prayer changes everything. I pray this journal helps you realize that prayer doesn't have to be a last-ditch effort, but rather can become a life-breathing rhythm.

You find encouragement.

With prompts designed to help you infuse the Bible into your prayer life, I pray this journal breathes fresh encouragement from the Word into your soul.

You grow closer to God.

Every relationship requires healthy communication to thrive. I pray this journal helps you communicate with ease through prayer to God.

Prayer is how we communicate with God.

Let's take away all the jargon and frills surrounding prayer and come back to the heart of it all. Prayer is nothing more, and quite honestly, nothing less than sharing our hearts with the Father and taking time to listen to His.

This prayer journal is structured with several prompts to help you engage with the Word in a way that leads to conversations with God that cultivate a deep and meaningful relationship with Him.

Learn to partner with God.

Prayer isn't intended to be a one-sided conversation! Use the prompts in this prayer journal to learn how to partner with God in growing in this aspect of being in a relationship with Him! Talking to our Best Friend shouldn't feel intimidating. The Reflections Prayer Journal helps take the pressure off as it lays out how to partner with God in prayer.


Use Scripture as the sword it is.


The Word of God is living and active - sharper than any two-edged sword. Yet so often it is only read and not implemented. Learning to take Scripture and infuse it into conversations with God changes everything. The Reflections Prayer Journal outlines how to do exactly that!


Develop prayer as a rhythm.


Oftentimes prayer is reserved for emergencies or when we simply don't know what else to do. When we take prayer and implement it as a rhythm instead of solely as an emergency response, our relationship with God starts to transform. The Reflections Prayer Journal provides easy-to-use prompts to develop one of the most transformative rhythms there is.

Learn how to proactively communicate.


While God already knows (and is never surprised by!) every single thought we have, it does something transformative inside of us when we start communicating about them to Him. The Reflections Prayer Journal lays out how to become proactive in aligning our thoughts with Scripture and bringing our thoughts to God in conversational prayer.

I'm Ready to Partner with God in Prayer!
I'm Ready to Partner with God in Prayer!


"This prayer journal is beautiful and practical!


"This journal has absolutely transformed my view of prayer. I am so grateful as it has helped me grow so much closer to God."

Eye Opening

"I didn't know I could use Scripture in this way. I cannot believe I am as old as I am and am just now learning I can talk to God about anything and use Scripture to help me do so."